Sexy Groovy Rhythm & Mayhem

Broken Glow
Xuluprophet & Obamabo

Slammin' Vibes 

At The Wormhole tonight in Savannah GA

I cant believe that 18 month of sobriety has reached me more enthusiastic about music than when I was 22. I will be sharing an experience with some awesome musicians l8r on tonight. I will be on the bill with Brooklyn Rockers Broken Glow far away from N.Y.C. ( The Bronx is my hometown). These cats came into this GalaxyRocker's orbit about a year ago. Showing up at local open mic nights was a great way to meet musicians, and we clicked. If you want to see some video of these hard rockin' BK boys tune into my live stream tonight at 10p, we will be broadcasting both acts.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to sustain myself through my art for most of the year. In that activity I met a fantastic artist  who would eventually lead me to the cat who is playing with me tonight  Oisin Daly. Freak of the international sound-waves and mad scientist behind Obamabo, some dope ass electronica/glitch shit. The sound we have concocted has been described as " Acoustic Funk" which is cool with us. 

If there is anything I want you mofo's to get from me besides some bangin ass music at on of the coolest venues in #savannah. It is that 19 months ago I was slingin my guitar on #riverstreet for beer $. I made a decision to seek help from a 12 step program. Now life ain't all sugar these days, but it surely ain't the shit it was when I was boozing. If I can do this you can too.

Savannah has some great things to offer besides the regular attractions downtown. This weekend there is a monthly music,art, & craft event very much worth being at. Ok dogs kittens and all manner of sub-human bondage lovers. We will see you tonight.