Step 1

i don't want to be a burden so bombs away.bomb yourself.
scrub the creamatory of the left over skin. That what the hell you left behind, dust, ya know skin. look under your nails. MAKE A BARGAIN WITH THE DEVIL AND BE OK FOR TODAY.
11:22 AM 8/20/2012

This first and most important stage of recovery comes as a really jagged pill to swallow. I mean who wants to admit that they got their ass kicked by booze? Especially for 28 years! That is what I came to. I have been through all kinds of pain, head problems, loss...but it was a simple bottle that brought me to my knees. I should probably go back a few months or years to get to this part but I think that it is ultimately important that the reader understands what I'm getting at.
"ready to admit that my life had become unmanageable" whew! thats a mouthfull at first, but getting into the meat of that statement is some shit. I could not hold a job, relationship, home or any of the stuff that non-addicts are able to do with ease. all because of a spiritual sickness. I say spiritual sickness not in a religious sense, but in the sense of who a person is.