1st Time attempt at sobriety

11:39 PM 8/22/2012

I was in a treatment center detoxing for 3 days back in 2007. I had just started going with this young bueatiful hot thing we'll call Trixxie ( damn she was fine). I had borrowed a guitar from a good friend named Nisha and was still missing the Colombian mountian girl a bit. I felt like if I didn't stop drinking I would never know peace or happiness. I still feel that way, but today I didn't drink so I'm ok for now. I had a good woman pop into my life who introduced me to recovery, and as reluctant and scared as I was, I gave what I thought at the time was a honest effort. The second night in the treatment center the moon was out, I was in Burlington N.C., and near a railroad track. They let us go outside for cigarettes. I'm copying this off of the original paper that I scribbled it on. 

April 27 2007-Alamance Co. 10:00pm

dm am dm G (slide) am
Trains going by carrying lives
Pondering years gone by, underneath this half-moon sky
Librium and juice to rinse my soul
25 years of destruction and no control
whats to be when I leave this place
no more suicide or disgrace
just want what everyone wants
a little place under the sun
Freedom is comming in two or more ways
long, long road and the piper wants his pay
continue this line I'm walking
thats all there is,  a early grave
so I'm waiting for tomorrow with all it promise
gonna have to say goodbye to some ffriends
but its god I've got to see on my last day
Amends...its the price I pay
wasted time you can never get back, regrets and where its at.
so move along you didn't, to get here today
gettin' home may take some time
12 lonely steps to heaven
1200 ways 2 get back to hell.

12:03 AM 8/23/2012