I Am working on a new EP that was conceptualized during a moment of incredible change in my life's journey. 6/1/2012 I found myself hopeless, homeless, and fighting a serious alcohol addiction. June 10, 2012 was my first day of sobriety. Since that day I have been living life on life's terms, and have never had more hope for a tolerable future. I now feel that I have the chance to possibly help another addict find the door to relief, though I can't make a single soul walk through it. When this group of songs is finished I plan to take the profits and spend them on practical needs of the homeless addicts I pass everyday on my way through the day. I will be purchasing ponchos, and socks, and other things that I found myself needing when I was in that situation. So here are most of the links that I have right now to stay involved with my musical endeavors, please enjoy what you will and join the mailing list. People on the mailing list will get unreleased versions of the new music as well as some other cool stuff I'm putting together. If you support this effort or not, I hope you will take a listen and find something you can rock with and groove to. Peace and Grease-XULU

  1. ReverbNation-http://tinyurl.com/8uya6ld                                                                                 
  2. iTunes-http://tinyurl.com/XULUS-ALBUM
  3. Spotify-http://open.spotify.com/album/5ySHEkiwFzCOa9C90fSs5g                   
  4. Store-http://tinyurl.com/XULUSTORE
  5. Blog-http://tinyurl.com/GALAXYROCKER
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