Well I am sitting here on my 41 st. b day sober. This is a change of pace from the last three years. I Heard from the ex wife and the ex girlfriend today. What a fuckin' way to wake up. Just text no phone calls. I wonder if getting in contact with either one of them will effect my sobriety. I don't think so. One of them is still an active alcoholic and lives in town. I want to respond to her but I don't think she is ready to accept friendship. She has shown an unwillingness to forgive in the past and I can't think a b day text indicates any forgiveness. I have had to deal with a few changes on the music front, several folks have dropped out. I also have someone who is just coming into some self actualization trying to dictate the direction of thee sound but doesn't have any real music experience. I want them to come into their own sense of self, but not at the expense of productivity of progress. I hate when I have to work with an underdeveloped ego. Paying attention to how things are said rather than the actual message is not an Ideal working environment. Oh well I guess the point of all this is that I'm still sober and dealing with the fuckery and bullshit w/o returning to the past ways of coping.. If any of you want to check out the music or follow us here are the links