International Recovery Community.

Peace and blessings to the folks in other lands

Hey pop tarts, I looked at the demographics of where this blog is being read, and I am pleased that it is being read in other places. I think we all have a common bond of addiction. Of course I realize that most of these hits are looking for something I tagged the post with. I did that with the remembrance of the things I used to search while I was using. So look in your community for resources that can help you. 

I think addicts are the strongest folks in the world.

We all go thru some pain in life, most folks adapt and adjust within a reasonable amount of time. Some of us internalize the hurt and find we cant let go. Then we wind up self-medicating, not the best reaction, but all humans are hard wired to avoid pain. The thing I learned in treatment is that addiction requires time+abuse+a genetic disposition. That's why some folks can use and not become addicts. The things we subject ourselves to in active addiction would break most folks. Send them to the mental institutions. I don't think that the square people could handle the homelessness, hunger, prostitution, anger, fights, feelings of worthlessness, etc. etc. that our addictions bring us. The trauma we experience that pushes us to get fucked up in itself is a testimony to our resilience. So where do you go when your soul gets rocked? When you have had enough you will get help. I personally don't think anyone can get clean for any length of time on there own. That has been my experience.