want not will not

I'm huddled in your want not + will not of forever
Those burning ties that bind have me tethered
Set me free let me be the mind begs to flee
The heart yearns to stay but what has passed on yesterday
Where were you, you touch but in whose arms
did you lay/ My memory lapses, my hard drive crashes against your waves of deception
my transgression unwilling to release my heart's obsession.

Huddled in the want not will not of forever
Only the more clever that chose safer endeavors
I wrapped my arms in the heart and arms
at Arie's pleasure smile broad impassioned
and odd now cold and wet i shiver with nightmarish glee
this being the sea I wait and wade through
endless judgement maybe sleep will come all of the sudden
Spare me the eyes that gaze in not knowing things
I've seen without ever showing my label not fear
but anxiety glowing and shining through the corner I've encamped
mysterious bliss is filling my ear command is given that
signals all clear.